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Minfo is the brainchild of founder Roland Storti, who is fanatical/passionate about "solving problems". He runs Minfo together with business partner, Geoff Gwillim, self-confessed long-time mobile nut and early adopter of mobile technology.

Minfo was conceived on a dark, wet and windy Melbourne winter’s afternoon a few years ago. Roland was driving home in heavy traffic, radio on. An ad came on and Roland thought ‘Hey that sounds great, what a great offer, I want that!’ but couldn’t write the number down.

His mobile rang, a client with a problem, then another call, this time a friend. The traffic was slow.

A few minutes later, Roland recalled hearing the ad on the radio. However, he thought ‘What was that ad for? … I can’t remember!’  Try as he might, racking his brain, he couldn’t for the life of him recall what the ad was about.

Then he thought ‘Heeeey …. What if I could press one button or voice command on my mobile and get more info about that ad right to my phone!’

Roland did some investigation that night, then picked up his mobile and called Geoff to ask what he thought. Needless to say, he was enthusiastic.

Roland and Geoff had met a few years earlier at an investment presentation for a new search engine seeking investment. Roland was a successful developer of a robust application used by government departments as well as public and private companies to manage the maintenance requirements of their property assets and Geoff was a senior business development exec in the mobile phone industry for nearly ten years and a massive fan of mobile and its growth, reach and potential.

Together - and individually - Roland and Geoff have completed projects for the Victorian government, Australian Federal government, Telstra, AAPT, Optus and Vodafone.

After further research Roland and his team set out to develop a proof of concept to encode and connect smartphones and then to build a platform that could be easily used to create the content to be displayed on smartphones. The goal was to better connect people around the world with information, extending any message on any media right into the consumer’s hand.

As they said when going through the branding process, ‘It’s about More Info … My Info … Mobile Info … Minfo!’  

Minfo's goal is to make it the norm for organisations to extend all their communications campaigns right into peoples' hands by creating Minfo Pages.

Minfo aims to make it simple for people to get more info about any communication that interests them, whenever and wherever they are ... and if they choose, to act on it.

We aim always to keep Minfo easy to set up and use, to protect the privacy of people that view Minfo Pages and to use an opt-in approach at all times.

We will invite feedback and suggestions from users as to what type of additional functions and initiatives they'd like to see Minfo deliver to enhance all our daily mobile lives.

Although consumers have long been utilising second screens whilst watching television or listening to the radio, Minfo is the logical gap-bridger in these situations. Instead of going online to search for a product, service or message that has piqued your interest on TV, radio, online, Youtube, in print or even in public spaces, Minfo can provide more information with one touch or voice command.

We believe in responsible social change and to that end will donate 10 per cent of Minfo's revenues to Not-For-Profit organisations and social initiatives.

Recently Roland was watching Shark Tank USA when one of the Sharks, Chris Sacca made our lives so much easier as he defined one of the problems Minfo solves as ‘the Holy Grail’. 

Please watch this 27 sec clip and see for yourself http://bit.ly/1XXhETM

Stay tuned for what happens next……