What Are the Advantages of Mobile Advertising?
03 March 2016

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Advertising?

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Your business can benefit from advertisements that go directly to your customer’s phones, but you have to understand the specific advantages of mobile marketing so you can tailor your advertising to this new medium.


Most people who use mobile phones keep them handy throughout the day. This means you can reach potential customers wherever they are instead of having to wait until they log on to the internet with a computer, notice your physical sign or tune in to a broadcast. Mobile advertising follows people wherever they go and does not depend on any single location. You have round-the-clock access to your customers.

Size of Medium

Seventy-five percent of people own mobile phones, and 55 million of those are smart phones. Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2013, more people will access the internet by phone than by computer. If you need to market to the general public, mobile advertising offers you an effective way to reach large numbers of people.

Time Relevance

Potential mobile customers keep their phones with them, and they keep them turned on. This means that time-sensitive messages, such as notifications of sales and special events, can reach customers with little or no delay. No other advertising medium offers this “always on” advantage. You can expect consumers to receive your message and read it at their convenience almost any time of the day.


Mobile advertising costs a fraction of what television and radio ads cost. This means you can reach more people for less money. You can afford to send repeat messages or send new messages to remind customers of what you are offering. You can try out mobile ads for effectiveness before moving the ads to more expensive mediums.


Mobile users have grown accustomed to using their phones for personal messages and conversations. If you tailor your mobile advertising messages to the expectations of mobile users, you can convey a sense of intimacy. Forming relationships with customers helps you get repeat business. You can focus on low-pressure advertising pitches and maintain a sense of friendliness with your customers.

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