Digital Brings Greater ROI for Retail Marketers
09 March 2016

Digital Brings Greater ROI for Retail Marketers

Found a good article to share. Enjoy.

According to US retail marketers surveyed by RetailMeNot in January 2016, digital marketing brings bigger returns than offline efforts. More than three-quarters of retailers said their digital ROI was greater than for offline marketing channels.

Delving deeper into the digital marketing ROI, RetailMeNot provides some interesting figures when it comes to mobile coupons and their investment returns. About one third of mobile coupons featuring unique promotions—think partnerships with other apps or sites—see ROI well above average; another 42% see somewhat above-average ROI.

Nineteen percent of unique promotions see an average return, and only 6% see below average or worse ROI. Single-use mobile coupons—those that can be used only once before they expire—tended more to deliver average returns.

While very above-average ROI figures are lower for single-use coupons—22%—and somewhat above-average figures are the same—42%—about one-third of respondents said the ROI for single-use was about average. Only 4% found ROI for single-use mobile coupons to be somewhat below-average.

eMarketer estimates that this year, 44.5% of all US retailers will use mobile coupons for marketing purposes, up from 40.5% that did so in 2015. We estimate that 104.8 million adults will use a mobile device to redeem a coupon or code at least once this year—or 82.1% of adult digital coupon users in the US.

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