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QWhy did you name the App Minfo?
AThe founder was brainstorming what the app was doing and wrote down a series of words: mobile information, connect, capture, mobile my information, more information and then Minfo was conceived.
QWhy should I download Minfo?

Minfo allows you to connect with messages or ads with one touch or voice command. Never again will you need to remember a url or phone number or do a search - just Minfit to get more information. Minfo puts you in control. 
Plus Minfo business users can make great special offers available to Minfo users via their Minfo Pages/Campaigns
And remember - you can also support your local Not For Profit or Charity in the process. For more information on this see the Affiliates section. Download here iPhone or Android
QWhat is a Minfo Page?
AMinfo Page is a content screen on the Minfo app.
Minfo Pages are the information and call-to-action content screens that business and NFP users create, using the Minfo Platform, to create Minfo Campaigns.
QWhat does Minfit mean?
AWhen you use Minfo to get more information the action of capturing the Minfo page is to Minfit.
QIs there a cost to use Minfo?
AMinfo is free to use and you only pay if you are donating or making a transaction via a Minfo Page which goes directly to the business or NFP that is presented in the Minfo Page.
QWhat data does Minfo retain when I use Minfo?
ALike any other software application the managers of the solution know what buttons are clicked so they can gather data on what people click on more often and what they don’t so as to improve your experience and give people more of what they want to see and engage with.
QDoes Minfo share my data with anyone?
AWe do not share your specific data with any third parties. If you connect with a Minfo Page we track what buttons you click on. (Just like Adwords on Google).
QWill I get emails and spam from Minfo?
AYou will only receive admin emails and offers you opt in to receive. If you do feel you are receiving unsolicited Minfo emails or Push Campaigns please contact our support team and we will investigate. However, if you provide your details outside of a Minfo page this is your responsibility. We will never pass on your details to a third party unless it is with your permission.
QHow does Minfo connect with TV, radio and online?
AWe have a special way of inserting a secret inaudible code into the audio sound track that the human ear cannot hear (it does not affect animals in any way).
QWhat is Minfo Zone?
AA Minfo Zone is an area playing a Minfo Zone sound file that you cannot hear. This allows you to connect to the Minfo Pages campaign playing in that Zone.
QWhat is the range of a Minfo Zone?
ADepending on surrounding noise, it can be as far as 7 metres from the speaker.
QWhat is the difference between a QR code and a MQR (Minfo Quick Response Code)
Strictly speaking, none as the code itself simply provides the capturable device for your mobile.
However, many/most QR codes, when captured, simply take you into a non-specific web page which may or may not be optimised for mobile, leaving you to attempt to navigate and find your objective .. and good luck with that.
An MQR (Minfo QR) code, however, is connected into a Minfo Page and can instantly deliver a tailored and interactive engagement, comprehensive relevant content together with the opportunity and ability to instantly respond to the Call-To-Action.
QWhat is a Minfo Campaign?
AA Minfo Campaign is a collection of Minfo Pages that provides comprehensive info re a specific offer or message together with the opportunity and means to respond to a Call-to-Action.
QHow do I share Minfo Campaigns?
AThere are many ways to share a Minfo Pages campaign. Click on the Share button and use any of the social media icons or email to instantly share Minfo Pages content with friends, family and colleagues.
QCan I download Minfo if I am outside Australia?
AYou can download and use Minfo anywhere in the world from your App store. Download here iPhone or Android
QMinfo Platform
AThis is the web application that allows registered users (businesses and Not-for-Profit charities and community-based organisations) to create Minfo Pages campaigns, encode audio and video files to be used on TV, Radio, online and on YouTube, and/or create MQR (Minfo Quick Response) codes to be used in print to allow people using the Minfo app to connect with their information or message.
QMinfo App
AA multipurpose app for Android or Apple devices that allows people to connect with Minfo-enabled advertising and communications messages via TV, radio, YouTube, Online, Print and in retail stores and in public places.
ABy using the Minfo Platform to convert a normal communication into a smart one, that is, a Minfo-enabled message that will allow anyone with the Minfo app to engage with the message, interact with the Minfo Pages campaign and transact by responding to the call-to-action.
QWhat is a Minfo Page?
AMinfo Pages are the information and call-to-action content campaigns that business and NFP users create using the Minfo Platform.
QWhat is a NFP?
AA Not for Profit (NFP) or Non Government Organisation (NGO) organisation is officially registered and recognised as an organization that does not earn profits for its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a Not for Profit organisation is used in pursuing the organization's objectives.
QWhat is a Minfo Affiliate?
AA Minfo Affiliate is a Not for Profit organisation that Minfo sponsors by providing free use of Minfo enhancing communications and allowing their supporters and others to select them as an Affiliate when registering. MyMinfo has set out to support NFP charities and community-based organisations by giving back 5% of fees generated from advertisers by Affiliate supporters.
QWhat is a Minfo Launch Affiliate?
AMinfo Launch Affiliate is a Not for Profit organisation that accepted a MyMinfo sponsorship prior to the launch of Minfo. During the Launch phase of Minfo, Launch Affiliates are listed in a top group in the registration process to reward them for accepting the sponsorship earlier than other Affiliates.
QWhy are there Affiliates in the top drop down list when registering and others are listed in alphabetical order?
AThe Affiliates in the top dropdown list are Launch Affiliates. See above.
QHow do we become a Minfo Affiliate?
AYou need to register at www.minfo.com and enter your approved charity number as a Not for Profit organisation. The team at Minfo will verify the organisation is a properly registered charity.
QWhat if my NFP doesn't have a large number of supporters?
AWhether you are a large or small NFP, every cent counts. If you qualify and your supporters download and use Minfo and Myminfo receives revenues from paying advertisers by people that selected your organisation when registering , MyMinfo will donate 5% of the resulting click revenues to the Affiliate.
QDo Affiliate NFPs have to use the Minfo payment gateway?
ANo, if an NFP has their own payment gateway or an agreement with others, a payment button can just link to the payment gateway of your choice.
QWhat are the fees for the Minfo payment gateway?
AMyMinfo will pass on bank or PayPal fees and will not charge a handling fee for NFPs.
QHow do we receive our donations from supporters if we use the Minfo payment gateway?
ADonations through our gateway can go directly to your Paypal account or, in the event your organisation does not have a Paypal account, will be transferred to your bank account within 2 business days.
QWho gets the tax deduction for the contribution to the Not for Profits?
AMyMinfo. (MyMinfo is giving up 5% of click revenue to NFPs)
QWhat if I don't want to select an Affiliate?
AIn the event you do not select an Affiliate NFP, the % of revenues your usage generates that would have been directed to a selected Affiliate NFP will be pooled and administered by Myminfo to support selected 'good works and positive initiatives' in order to honour our commitment to direct 5% of revenues into the community.
QWhat if my favourite NFP charity or community-based organisation is not listed as a Minfo Launch or Minfo Affiliate?
APlease let them know about Minfo or email us at support@minfo.com and we will do our best to contact them and make them aware of the opportunity.
QWhat if I want to change the Affiliate I selected when registering?
AAt present we will not be allowing users to change their selection.
QWhat is the difference between a Minfo-enabled ad and Minfo Pages?

A Minfo-enabled ad is an ad or message that is connected to a Minfo Pages campaign, so that people can use the Minfo App on the ad or message to get more information.

Minfo Pages are the information and enablement campaigns that are created on the Minfo Platform.

QDo I have to register to create a Minfo pages campaign?
AYes, it is a simple to register via the website. Once completed your registration is completed you will receive an authorisation email.
QWhat does it cost to register and to create Minfo Pages campaigns?
AIt costs nothing for NFPs and Businesses to register or create Minfo Pages until December 31 2016.
QHow do I register to create a Minfo pages?
AGo to minfo.com and click on Register on the top right of the page.
QMyMinfo INC
A Is the parent company where the intellectual property resides and owner of the Minfo licenses. The reason this is a US company is purely for forward planning.
QMyMinfo Pty Ltd
AIs the original company created in Australia.
QMyMinfo Australia Pty Ltd
A Is the company that will be operating as a licensee of the Minfo Software. It has no debt, no liabilities and no creditors and will be used solely to operate the Minfo Platform and Application in Australia.