All Businesses

Every business from the biggest to the smallest wants MORE.

  • More effective and efficient communication
  • More engagement with both existing and prospective customers
  • More transactions
  • More customers
  • More for their advertising dollars

Every customer now carries with them their own communications and media access device. And they use it constantly every day. 


Minfo makes it easy for all businesses to leverage the power and reach of our ever-present go-to device. We have created Impulse Engagement .

Minfo Pages are simple and quick to create. No specialist IT expertise required.

Minfo Pages on the device extend your business' existing advertising and communications, interfacing with all mainstream media - TV, radio, print and online.

Minfo Audio

Minfo Audio connects any audio communications - TV, Radio, Online, YouTube - to your Minfo Pages campaign. Finally, your advertising investment is extended after your 30sec spot.  Minfo digitizes traditional media.

Minfo Zone

Minfo Zone provides in-store and in-location campaign delivery. Your retail location or restaurant, showroom or stadium can now simply and easily deliver product information to customers at the touch of a button.

Minfo Opt-In Push

Minfo Opt-In Push allows you to directly deliver Minfo Pages to the smartphone of any consumer who's said yes to receiving push notifications from your business.

Consumers who capture your Minfo Pages can access whatever info content you provide and respond to any call-to-action your campaign contains.

Minfo Social

Consumers who like your Minfo Pages campaign can easily share it with their friends via email and social media, provide feedback and rate it, aiding your communications' viral spread. 


Minfo Data

Minfo Data means you access detailed response performance data for your Minfo Page interactions, making it easy to assess campaign efficiency and improve your marketing ROI.

Minfo ... gives your business ... MORE!