Ever wanted more?

You have seen something great and thought: Hey, that sounds good, I think I want some of that.

But then moved on, distracted by the never-ending flow of life's content. Only later to think: What was that thing...?

Minfo lets you capture that moment and extend it, diving deep and finding more about what piqued your interest.

Minfo means you can connect and engage with any message, delivered via any media in any location, using your smartphone, wherever and whenever the impulse takes you.

Quickly and easily browse as much information as you want from Minfo Pages created by any business, charity or community organisation.

And, if you decide you want to buy it, try it, book it or take a look at it, donate, bid or volunteer, Minfo means you can do it instantly on your mobile.

Or, if you want to take your time and come back to it later, you can revisit any captured Minfo Page from your History.

You can share Minfo Pages you like, either directly via e-mail or on social media.