Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 26 aired 29 April 2016


Minfo has gone 2 better than “The Holy Grail” as mentioned by Chris Sacca in this episode:

1.    You don’t need to press a button on your remote and then somehow enter your details to buy an item you want.
       You can do it straight from your smartphone using Minfo!
TV or or Desktop/Notebook to Minfo when You Want

2.    Why buy Jennifer Aniston’s top from friends??
       When you can buy the genuine embroidered western shirt as worn by Chris Sacca.

     Download Minfo (Free) and try it for yourself.





 Private listing on YouTube   Watch the full episode without Minfo

As you would have seen, the basic Minfo campaign was to the point … it aims to do one thing and enables viewers to do that, quickly and simply.

The second was more advanced and conveys far more information about the entire ‘content ecosystem’ while still enabling viewers to Connect, Interact and Transact.

A Minfo Campaign is easy to construct and can be as simple or as advanced as you wish.

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