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YouTube Monitoring

Finally you can find a YouTube influencer in a simple and easy way.


Currently we are tracking the Top 175+ Fashion and Beauty YouTube stars that do Haul Videos.


Why are we are doing this? Simply, we scoured the web and couldn't find this information anywhere. It took weeks and weeks of research initially and we are still finding more YouTube Stars each week that we adding to the list.


We conduct a weekly snapshot of Influencers, Subscribers, Videos, Video views, Likes, Dislikes and comments so you can see who are the movers and shakers of the sector.


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Coming Soon: Daily updated dashboard - not only YouTube, but additional Social Media activity. Finally you will be able to see who the leaders are, and who can deliver your brand the best return on investment based on activities across different platforms.


In the meantime you can view a rising star of the silver screen, the first YouTuber video using Minfo to see how we enable a YouTube video to provide you with more information on what interests you.