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Minfo makes TV and Radio truly interactive at last! Viewers and listeners instantly
 Connect, Interact, Transact.


Minfo enhances the way you interact with the world's largest video channel. Minfo is the quickest way to share videos.


Minfo takes the message off the page or billboard and puts it on your smartphone.

If a Minfo enabled video/audio is playing in the background, our NEW  WebConnect will trigger and display the Minfo campaign/landing page.

Minfo Zone

Minfo Zones transform any retail/public spaces and buttons/touch screens into an interactive experience from a simple speaker via an inaudible sound file (.wav). Minfo has integrated with Otis (eCall) elevators and others. Contact us to find out how to make your workplace safer for staff and vistors to control elevators, queuing systems, payment processes, exchanging business cards, ATM's and more....
Note:  You will need to use the Minfo App for this connectivity.

Online Advertising

Minfo allows you to interact instantly PLUS revisit the ad in your Minfo History whenever you want.

Minfo Smartlinks

Minfo Smartlinks -  instantly connect from any image or text to More Info on your device.


Ever seen or heard
an ad or message that
interests you and thought
  'I want to know more?'

All Businesses

Minfo digitizes old
media, transforming
Offline to Online
(O2O) creating
Impulse Engagement
and improving marketing
attribution and ROI.

Charities & Not for Profits

Running any Not
for Profit organization
is challenging. .


Minfo lets you use your smartphone to connect and engage with any ad or message, wherever and whenever the impulse takes you.


You’ve seen something great and thought: Hey, that sounds good, I think I want some of that. 


Minfo lets you instantly capture that moment and extend it, diving deep and finding more about whatever piques your interest.


Minfo lets you connect and engage with any message, delivered via any media in any location, using your smartphone, wherever and whenever the impulse takes you.


Quickly and easily browse as much information as you want from Minfo Pages created by any business, charity or community organisation.


And if you decide you want to buy it, try it, book it or take a look at it, donate, bid or volunteer, with Minfo you do it instantly on your mobile.


Want to take your time and come back to it later? You can revisit any captured Minfo Page from your History any time you like.


Touchless Technology - Overview

 The world was fast transitioning to contactless interactions well before COVID-19, however, the increased need for touchless technologies to reduce hygiene anxiety and ease the spread of germs has pushed this innovation to the forefront. In many retail stores, you can already initiate contactless payments through smartphones/watches or contactless debit cards. But touch is still everywhere – elevators, ATMs, restaurant menus, and more, all require direct hand contact. Until now.

 The Minfo app can integrate with hardware and software across a variety of verticals – point-of-sale terminals, elevators, ATMs, and more – to enable people to complete their desired operation from their own mobile device. Need to get down to the 3rd floor? Minfo it. Gotta grab some cash for happy hour? Minfo that too. No more pushing buttons. No more worrying about spreading germs. Minfo makes touchless a reality.

 Unlike NFC, Minfo can connect from an inch up to 7 feet away (a safe distance) from the source and needs no special hardware. Minfo only needs a speaker or microphone, depending on the process.


How it works

 The Minfo app uses inaudible, high-frequency sound technology to let users connect to and control nearby Minfo-enabled devices. When you approach a Minfo-enabled device, what we call a Minfo Zone, seeing a decal similar to “we accept VISA/Mastercard” etc., simply open Minfo and you can connect to interact with it. Once you tap a button in the Minfo app, your phone will send the instruction to the device. Minfo gives the universal remote a whole new meaning.

 Your phone can also act as a Minfo Zone, transmitting a unique sound file to connect with other people using Minfo and transfer your business card or company Minfo page and more….



  • Retail/Restaurants - menus, point-of-sale systems and handing your card to a waiter are all sources of germ transmission for customers and employees alike – moreover, possible opportunities for fraud. Minfo removes the need to give your card to anyone and allows consumers to shop, dine and pay touch-free.
  • Elevators and lifts - Minfo enables people to call and control elevators from their smartphones, eliminating the need to press buttons, and reduces hygiene anxiety of contracting a virus and spreading germs.
  • Other applications for Minfo touchless include: crosswalk buttons, point-of-sale terminals, vending machines, queuing systems, registration at medical offices, hospitality, hotel remote controls and more. We are also about to conduct a proof of concepts for ATMs.


Why go touchless with Minfo?

  • Reduce Hygiene Anxiety
  • Keep customers and staff safer by reducing potential contamination touch points
  • Reduce maintenance costs of buttons that were not designed to be pressed by pens, steel gadgets, knees etc.
  • Reduce downtime and improve productivity
  • Reduce queuing times by conducting more on your phone
  • Increase sales by point of differentiation to your competitors
  • Get More Info when you want it

 If you want to make your workplace safer for your customers, staff and visitors, please complete one of the following forms or contact Minfo directly at info@minfo.com.

All Business

Make your workplace safer for staff, customers and visitors using Minfo to transform processes to be done via Minfo rather than touching screens and buttons. 

Every business from the biggest to the smallest wants MORE:

  • Effective and efficient communication
  • Engagement with both existing and prospective customers
  • Transactions
  • Customers
  • Return for their advertising dollars
Every customer now carries with them their own communications and media access device. And they use it constantly every day.
Minfo makes it easy for all businesses to leverage the power and reach of our ever-present mobile. 
We have created Impulse Engagement.
Minfo Pages are simple and quick to create. No specialist IT expertise required. 
Minfo Pages extend your business' advertising and communications, interfacing with all mainstream media - TV, radio, print and online - as well as in public spaces.


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John Neo


15+ years in Telecommunications.

Minfo delivers a profound change to our daily lives, transforming the offline world to online

Alan Blinde Victor Lawrence Pioneer of signal processing

Hygiene anxiety is a powerful internal trigger!”

Frank Bill Nir Eyal Lecturer and Author

Minfo provides benefits to society with the reduction in transmission of germs by transforming contact functions to contact-less, via one universal app. We at NJII see MINFO as a much-needed benefit for the community, industry and government

Cowan Sanders Dan Kaminski Senior Vice President

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