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Dive Into the New Age of Impulse Engagement using AudioQR Codes

Increase engagement, security, attribution, revenues & ROI

Transform passive Offline media to interactive Minfo Media AudioQR Codes

Impulse Engagement enabled content with Minfo AudioQR codes has several benefits compared to traditional passive media content. It allows people with the Minfo Universal App to actively engage with the content, can be tailored to their specific interests and preferences, can be tracked and analyzed for insights, can be used for lead generation, and can increase FOMO, retention of information. These features make interactive media a powerful tool for businesses and organizations looking to engage and connect with their about you.

Use cases: Digitize TV, YouTube/Tik Tok videos (viewed on TV), Cinema, DOOH and Radio. Improve citizen engagement in Smart Cites and Net Zero

Introduce new interactive product placement with Minfo AudioQR Codes

Much more than just Shoppable TV. Minfo takes this to the next level of a true second screen experience providing More INFO providing benefits for viewers, brands, and content producers. Viewers can access additional information about content, brands can connect in real-time, and content producers can gain valuable data of triggers with +/- 1sec accuracy and monetize their content with shoppable experiences. Minfo creates a dynamic, interactive experience that enhances the traditional viewing experience, generates new revenue streams, new data points and connects consumers with brands and producers in meaningful trackable ways.

Use cases: Film / TV - Dramas, Documentaries, real fan data demonstrating interest.

Transform Public spaces to interactive Minfo Zones

Unlock the power of Minfo Zones by transforming the way people connect to digital content in public spaces. With just the Minfo Universal App and no special hardware required, individuals can access information and experiences within 10 m (32ft)  of a speaker. This offers a more immersive experience, increased accessibility, and a simplified connection process, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. By utilizing Minfo Zones, people can elevate their connection to digital content and unlock its full potential. Join the revolution and experience the power of Minfo Zones for yourself!

Use cases: Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Malls, Expos, Airports, Train stations, DOOH 

Reduce fraud with Minfo SmartLinks

More securely track the performance of digital camapign links, providing valuable independant insights into how your content is being shared and consumed. This can be especially useful to optimize online marketing efforts and understand which strategies are most effective at driving traffic and engagement with an omnichannel approach.

Use cases: Online Banners, Ads, Social media, emails etc.  

QR Code to Minfo Zone AudioQR Code

Upgrade to AudioQR Codes for enhanced security and connectivity. Minfo AudioQR codes allow for simultaneous secure connections with hundreds of smartphones within a range of 10m (30 ft). The Minfo Universal App contains a history of all connections via any MP3 player or PC with a speaker. Alternatively, purchase a Minfo Zone player to play the inaudible .wav file.

Use cases: Restaurants, Museums, Malls, Retail, Expos, Airports, Train stations, DOOH

Connect to 80M songs with Minfo Music

Quickly identify songs and artists from a short audio clip. Discover new music, view lyrics, create playlists, share with friends, view history and connect with streaming services. 

Use cases: In clubs, pubs, retail stores, Malls, on Radio, TV, YouTube

QR Code to Minfo QR Code

Say goodbye to traditional unsafe QR codes (FBI warning) and hello to a more immersive and engaging experience. Upgrade to Minfo QR codes or Minfo AudioQR codes to enhance the security and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The Minfo Universal App can scan both Minfo and non-Minfo QR codes, making it versatile for various marketing channels. By using Minfo QR codes and the Minfo Universal App, businesses can increase the security, tracking, and analysis highlighting potential fraud in their individual or omnichannel marketing efforts. Free use and unlimited clicks with a subscription.

Use cases: Printed materials, packaging and where Minfo AudioQR Codes cant be used.

Omnichannel Data Dashboard - Know which 50% isnt working

Combine the Minfo AudioQR, QR and SMartlinks to view all connections and CTA engagement in one simple dashboard. Minfo is the ultimate omnichannel solution for businesses looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. With real-time analytics and insights, Minfo provides data-driven decision making and personalizes marketing efforts through its multichannel approach. This leads to increased customer loyalty, higher engagement, and higher ROI. Transform your marketing with Minfo and reach your full potential.

Use cases: O2O allows analysis of marketing spend and ROI across all media channels.

Minfo is not a Super App it is a Universal App

All-in-One Convenience: Say goodbye to cluttered app screens and multiple downloads. Minfo offers the comprehensive range of solutions above within one platform.

Join the revolution and experience the power of Audio QR codes with the Minfo Universal App. Get ready to unlock a new level of convenience, immersion, and accessibility in your connection to information and content from ALL media and public spaces.

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