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Maximize Your YouTube Engagement and Monetization with Minfo-Enabled Videos

YouTube influencers work hard to create amazing content to reach viewers and some brands pay them significant amounts to promote their products. But did you know that 57% of YouTube video viewership is done via TV screens, leaving fans unable to engage, share videos, click on affiliate links or simply subscribe? Minfo changes that with our patented AudioQR codes viewers can instantly engage with content in ways never before possible. 

Our patented AudioQr code technology and no-code platform make it easy to connect with TV viewers and increase engagements, subscriptions and revenue. With Minfo-enabled videos, you can:

  • Reach more viewers: Connect with the 57% of your video's viewership that is done via TV screens.

  • Monetize TV viewership: With Minfo, you can monetize TV viewership and reach more viewers.

  • Easy to use: Our no-code platform makes it easy for you to create landing pages in minutes.

  • Universal App: Minfo's Universal App connects with Offline media and public spaces to Online using our AudioQR codes for seamless use in so many situations as described in our solutions page.

  • Recurring usage: Get More Information on 80m songs, creating additional reason to keep using the Minfo Universal App.

  • Quickest way to share YouTube videos: Reduce 4+ steps to 1 simplifing the sharing process in groups, making it easier and faster than current methods. Minfo enabled videos, provide  smooth and uninterupted viewing and enhances the overall experience. 

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Take YouTube presence to the next level with Minfo's risk-free solution. Influencers can be confident in the investment and know that if Minfo-enabled YouTube video do not reach 5000 connections and clicks, we will return your purchase price in full, no questions asked.

YouTubers should not miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize thier engagement and monetization strategies. Get Minfo-enabled videos today and start reaching more viewers and increasing your revenue. At Minfo, we are passionate about revolutionizing the YouTube experience for influencers and delivering real results. So why wait? Join the exclusive group of pioneers using Minfo and start seeing a boost in your engagement and monetization today!

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